Prueba de nivel

Si quieres conocer tu nivel de inglés aproximado, responde a este test y te contestaremos de forma personalizada en un breve periodo de tiempo.

  1. 1.- He ________busy on Monday.
  2. 2.-I’m a technician. What _________?
  3. 3.-Why __________now?
  4. 4.-They arrived ______ 18th July 1999.
  5. 5.- He is _____________me.
  6. 6.- I don’t want ________to drink.
  7. 7.- Some reforms_________ _________ by the Government recently.
  8. 8.-If it _____ raining we’d go for a walk, but it’s pouring out there.
  9. 9.- Here, ____________ some bottles of paint I have bought. I _________the room.
  10. 10.- Tom ________since he left his home.
  11. 11.-“Open the window, please”. He asked me __________.
  12. 12.- In my village I ________with my cousins but when we moved to the city I___________ with other children.
  13. 13.- If he’d come earlier he ____________the beginning of the play.
  14. 14.- Don’t forget ________ the letter, It’s very important.
  15. 15.- He wanted to know who_________.
  16. 16.- I wish I ______ a lot of money.
  17. 17.-The meeting with the CEO_________ before the company _________.
  18. 18.- My sister is ________ to paint the house herself so she__________.
  19. 19.- He looks sad. Something ___________ I’d rather you _________ later.
  1. (1)___________ his angry look, he used to(2) __________ a cordial relationship with his neighbours. He was not the most (3) ___________person around because he was used to (4)__________alone. He was (5) ____________by a (6) _________family from the south. He enjoyed (7) ____________time reading what he was interested (8) _____. (9)__________, he is writing a novel and when he is home alone he (10) ________ to be a famous writer giving speeches and signing books.
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